Get into the Mystic World of Beyporesultan, tread gingerly on this unavowed path to The Dark Majesty, The Mystic StoryTeller.

Once you enter, there is no turning back. He will enchant you with his conspiracy theories... Chill you to the bone with his horror stories... Haunt you through the night... Making you wonder about what is real and intrigue you with stories from the world of the 'Illuminati'".

Beyporesultan is the pen name of the renowned independence activist and writer Vaikom Muhammed Basheer. As a hardcore fan of his, I borrowed his alias to envision the storyteller in me; 'Beyporesultan – the transmigration'. In his literary works, he portrayed incidents from his life in the common man’s language with humor. He has inspired me a lot and maybe the only reason behind my storytelling prowess. Beypore Sultan – the transmigration is my attempt to portray happenings around the world with a dark scent of Mystery, thus happened Dark Mode

Unleashing the power of truth to unhide the hidden may be terrifying, but not worse than any evil. Dark Mode sees everything but fears nothing. The mystery of the Dark Mode travels to the unseen world; retrieving the dark truth hidden within destruction, hungry for more with the purpose to bring justice to the voice of the unheard, a reminder of the unforgiving past and to reveal the gruesome facts that powerful of the society doesn’t want you to know.

Wait! That's not all, The Dark Majesty will use his magical spell to pull you closer to his kingdom. You can't resist the temptation. So, are you game?